Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Laura's Reaction

As I mentioned in the last blog, I was worried how Laura would react to being given away to me, a total stranger to her.  I was totally leaning on the Lord for this path I have never walked before.  I asked the parents to just take a break from her.  Let me take Laura for a vacation time.  Rethink what they wanted to do.  It was so final and so traumatizing to Laura, I anticipated.  No, they said.  It has to be done this way.  Permanence is what they wanted.  There was no reasoning with them.  They might change their minds I said and Laura would be put thru all this separation for no reason.  No, they were adamant.

Upon entering  the house, I gently spoke to Laura, complimenting her,  trying to sooth her from the fate that  I knew was coming, coaxing her onto my lap, rubbing her back,  stroking  her long mane of thick black curly hair.  Such a precious child.  I already didn't understand how the parents could do what they were doing to Laura.

Then came the big question from her mom "Do you want to go live with Eileen, Laura?"  I will never forget, Laura looking up with her big beautiful brown eyes that were smiling at me.  As she stared into my eyes, her bright eyes sparkling, she shook her head up and down, "yes, I do".  ....

My God, would it be this easy?  How bad it must be for her living here to so readily jump at the chance to leave with me, an unknown person in her life  permanently!  Or maybe God let her know then and there in her heart that I would love her unconditionally, that she would be safe and protected ...body, soul and spirit.   

Four year old Laura left with me that day skipping and smiling, carrying her favorite toy, a huge stuffed yellow duck that was almost as big as she was.  Included along with the duck and her bike, was one brown shopping bag of clothing.  Although these people were affluent, you would have thought Laura a poor child based on what she left with.  Laura was too young to understand and I was to concerned about Laura to care.  I would take care of all  her needs now....

An air of excitement filled the car as we drove home those 6 hours.  I was going to adopt Laura.  They even gave me the name of the adoption agency they used to help me with my adoption.  I never called them.

Two weeks after we arrived home the call came from the parents.  "We changed our mind, we want Laura back!"  To be cont'd.

Next blog: "You Give & Take Away!"

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